Friday, November 25, 2016


I had a request for an update. 

Can't really remember why I stopped posting other than I was sporadic to start with and once you've fallen behind it's harder to catch up. Also, as I needed more space to get the halves together and paint etc., I moved the project  ~ 40 minutes away from home so time became a more significant issue. 

I'm back at home now, finishing the interior and hoping for next spring/summer splash. 

I had a great crew moving it back home. 


Last spring we took a couple weeks traveling down the coast to Southern California and picked up trailer and mast. 


Moved the boat to my daughters (2 hours away, so she hosted me for the weekends - pretty nice actually) for space to mount beams and floats. Then raised the mast and measured for sails. 





Then recently, seemingly taking some steps backwards, I removed the floats and brought it all home to return the main hull to my garage to finish the interior over the winter while sails and nets are constructed. 

I have to lift the boat off the trailer to get it inside. 



It's a tight fit. When I started the project I knew there were going to be issues with finding alternative workspaces and decided to start not knowing what would happen. It certainly slowed down the project to not be able to do everything close to home, but it's seemed to all all work out. Someday I'll plan on filling in the gap's to the story.

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