Sunday, December 30, 2007

Building aids.

One of my early projects has been to put together a vacuum system. I found an old pump in need of repair for the job, but on the advice of a knowledgeable person at work, decided to spend my money towards something that wouldn't immediately malfunction.

I also decided to follow in the steps of Allen, who is building a Farrier 44SC, Sail #1. Instead of searching for the control parts separately, I ordered a kit from Joe Woodworker and enjoyed putting it together.

I used a propane tank as a reservoir and PVC pipe as the sub-reservoir. You can set the pressure at which it cycles to (the highest I could seem to achieve with this automatic on-off was to turn on at 24 and cycle to 27). I also wired in a 'continuous' switch, as the pump is rated for continuous operation. After equilibrating the gauge I seemed to max out at 27.5 to 28 -- not the 29 I paid and hoped for, but it should be good enough. Likely I will run it continuously until the epoxy jells, then leave it on auto for the remainder of the cure.

I also made a fiberglass cart (forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure it will be in the background in the near future). I was naively thinking this would just be a luxury, but after picking up the glass from Jeremy's -- it's a necessity.

I hope to start building after Christmas and the New Year.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The garage extension.

November found me adding an extension to the garage: an aluminum and glass roof with enclosed sides. It has a 'floating' floor (apt for a boat project?) that allows the water coming down the driveway to flow to the existing drain.

I moved the garage door forward. Fooling with the tensioning spring gave me pause, but it went without a hitch.

I have a long, narrow space which should allow me to build the floats and main hull halves. The main hulls will have to be joined some place else. I think it's important to be close to family (and dinner) for as much of the project as possible.

Some of our supplies have arrived.

I also went out to Jeremy's to investigate his progress. Wow, foam on battens! It's not a race, but I haven't even started.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gathering supplies.

We ordered up some foam and fiberglass from Noah's Marine in Toronto. My brother Jeremy and I are building at the same time, so we split an order of A400, A500, and A1200 foam. We also picked up enough 12 oz. biaxial and double bias and 18 ox biaxial fiberglass to finish the boats. The carbon fiber and G10 tubing will be coming directly from Farrier Marine.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Received plans: F-22 Sail #61

I ordered the plans soon after getting back from vacation. I didn't want to be too far behind my brother Jeremy -- F-22 Sail #58.

It took several weeks for the plans to arrive. While I waited, I went out to Jay's and helped him with some projects: main hull battens and the start of a hot box. Thanks Jay!

Since then I have enjoyed looking at my own plans while I continue to work on finishing house projects.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Great online community.

Time didn't allow visiting Henny. After 3 1/2 weeks camping across Belgium, France (west to Mont Saint-Michael), Italy (as far south as Rome), the width of Austria, then north through Germany -- we were behind and without enough time.

Thinking, reading, research, thinking.

And communicating. I have had several email communications with other builders, including Tor and Grant, Raven, Sail #?. It's amazing to be following builders in USA, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany/Croatia . . .

They all are passing on phenomenal building tips (and pitfalls to avoid).

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thinking ahead.

I have been following Henny's Fram F-39 building for a couple years and more recently Tor. Like many builders I have dreamed about using vacuum infusion as part of my building technique. So, though I don't even have my plans ordered up, I have ordered Henny's VI Kit.

We will be spendiing three weeks camping through Europe, starting and stopping in Amsterdam. Henny was nice enough to let me call him about visiting if our schedules allow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Ready

Hoping this will be an entertaining way of sharing my experience building a Farrier F-22. Currently getting other projects under control in anticipation of starting in fall 2007.

Have been enjoying following along, vicariously building as I read the excellent blogs that detail other peoples's building experience. It's amazing what you can learn as others share their experiences.

My brother Jeremy and I went to visit
Jay, F-22 Sail #25, who is building in Bothel just north of us. It was great to see building in action. Thanks for making time, Jay!

Dreaming about starting is what's helping me finish the projects I've already started . . .