Sunday, October 31, 2010


Building came to a stop, likely not to resume until winter. We finished my Dad's boat - true to all projects it took longer and cost more . . .

My brother Toby and I took a fall hike in the North Cascades a couple of hours north of Seattle as a last hurrah of fall. Cold, sunny, and amazing views. A couple of days latter this trail closed until next summer with the first blizzard.

The other project that I worked on was the idea of printing my blog.

I first experimented with temporarily changing the template to one that was printer-friendly and just using my own printer. An ok option.

The other option for a print friendly template would be Bookemon. I'm sure there are others in this category. You have to save sections as .pdfs and then combine them. The nice thing is that with a little effort you can get a bound book.

Then I found Blog2Print. It sucks in your blog (or interestingly, anyone else's) and spits out a book. You don't really have any control, but it's easy and fast, and you get a bound copy in the mail for not too much money.

The high end is probably something like Blurb. While it can suck in all the text and pictures, it definitely needs some work after that. I found that I needed to upload higher resolution pictures and spend quite a bit of time making new templates. But you do have exacting control if you want to spend the time, which for a combination of text and pictures can give you 'professional' looking results.

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