Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just had a week in June to work on the boat before I had to change gears and get the van ready for a trip (Alaska).

The rudder web was finished. Given the forces it must endure, it's a multi-layer-up affair suitable for short stints after work each night.

Also, June marked an exciting event: the delivery of the beams! This is obviously well before I need them, but I have been spreading out the cash outlay.

Truth be told, it cost more to get them here than I thought. I ordered them Oct 31 with the understanding that there was no rush. They shipped April 14th (~$500) and arrived in Los Angles May 18th (~$165 to get them off the dock and into a truck to come up the coast) and then I was able to pick them up at a Seattle customs clearing area on June 4th (~$485 fees and duty). Whew.

Given the boot prints all over the box, I was glad for the excellent packaging.

And, of course, they look very svelte and wonderfully constructed.

I took another item that I had received months ago out of its box - the beam mounts. Since I ordered them early, I got the 'original' - they have since been modified in terms of how they are installed.

The originals require replicating the bolting flange onto the other side. I used the 'alternate' beam mount as a mold to make the 'mold', then bolted it onto its symmetric partner.

Then there's quite the lay-up schedule of UD and DB.

That was it for the month. One daughter was home from college and we picked up our other daughter on the last day of school, heading directly to Bellingham to catch the evening sailing of the Alaska Ferry.

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